You are now ready to hunt!

Discover how to maximize your hunting season thanks to your Openday feeder.

Feeder installation

Here are some tips to guarantee your success.


Install the feeder on rich, large and vacant territory.

Install the feeder on rich, large and vacant territory.

Installation of the feeder on your site

Place the front of the feeder towards the South in a shade free location.

We recommend that you strengthen and secure your feeder.

Place the feeder on the ground and push up against a tree of 5 inches or more in diameter. Screw a minimum of 3 screws.

Anchor to the ground and screw the 2 posts provided on each side of the feeder. Screw them with a minimum of 3 screws each in the holes made for that purpose.

Use a lock and steel cable and insert the cable at the back of the feeder by passing it through the 2 openings and around the tree.

We suggest that you store the lock of the padlock inside the feeder.

Install a surveillance camera (photo mode) near the feeder. If you have a 2nd camera, install farther away in order to have a better view when the animal, intruders arrive.

Close the access to the road or trail leading to your site by installing a locked fence and signs indicating your presence.

Filling the feeder

Fill the feeder 5 weeks before the start of hunting season. Open the door above the feeder and déversez 4 poches of your choice of either: apples, carrots, corn, etc.

For better results, only use the feeder as feeding site.

Return to refill the feeder 3 weeks before hunting season.

Go back a last time one week before hunting starts.

Do not return to the feeder before your first hunting day.

Starting the feeder


Flip the switch to on. In a couple of seconds the door (bottom front) will open (if light out) and will close once it is dark out.

Press OFF to manually close the feeder.

NOTE: for use with remote, please read below.

If you completely block, the light sensor on the front right side, the door will close after 100 seconds.

Technical problems


Is the switch positioned to ON?

Is the light on the remote on? If not, replace the remote battery.


Before going to your hunting site, perform a start-up test. Ensure that the switch is on the OFF position during transportation.


If the feeder door is forced and does not completely open or close, here is what needs to be done:

Stop the door mi-open by putting the switch to OFF

With your hand, lift or lower the door as the needed so it is closed or completely open.


Put the switch back to ON.

Programming and use of remote control

Each time you remove and replace the batterie, you must reprogram the remote as follows:


Put the feeder switch to OFF.

On the remote, hold the A or B button down at the same time you hold the button down at the same time you hold the of the feeder. The door will either open or close as the case.

The PRO-319 remote , included with the feeder, allows you to perform the following actions:

Open and close the feeder up to a distance of 350 feet.

Open the door before sunrise.

Maintain the door open after sunset. (be sure to close it before you leave the site).