Automated Game Feeder

499.99 $

12 volt battery not included
Available at 29.99 $


Intelligent feeder V. 2.0 for big game, only open during the day.

The feeder has photocell that activates the electronic circuit; in automatic mode or manual for the opening and closing of the feeder. The excellent conception of the electric circuit allows a minimal electrical consumption to ensure that the feeder is able to function for more than 6 months.

  • Made of 12 GA (.081) thick aluminum
  • Cut with precision by laser and assembled meticulously with more than 80 rivets and bolts.
  • Has openings which will allow the odor of the food escape.
  • Possibility to add mesh/grid inside for smaller staples such a corn.
  • Support and screw the feeder to a tree by the two openings in the back using a steel cable lock (not included).
  • When an object blocks the door from the inside or the outside, the standby mode is activated in order to maintain the battery life and to avoid breaking the cylinder that allows the opening and closing of the door.
  • Maximum capacity of 4 sacks of food such as: apples, carrots, corn, etc.
  • At sunrise, the door automatically opens without a sound and the food becomes accessible.